About Me – Cathy Lewis

Social Media geek, Trivia nerd, aspiring published writer, and a lot of things in between.  Get to know more about me and how I work through this blog.  I might even post excerpts some of my writing just to get some honest reactions.  You never know what may pop up!

Top things to know about me:

Love books.  Yes books – with bindings and yellow pages.   I like reading them too.

Music is amazing.  Almost all forms of it are wonderful.  The piano is my favorite instrument.  No, I don’t play it but, I did play the flute for 14 years.

Trivia is awesome and I eat it for breakfast.  I aspire to be a Jeopardy champion someday.

Manners are important.

Grammar is a dying art form.  I try to make sure it’s right always.

Other than that, I try to just roll with whatever comes my way.  I love problem solving so rolling with it seems like the natural thing to do.


A Penny for your Thoughts?

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