Posted by: ClewisWrites | October 7, 2012

Keep Your Facebook Posts From Being Hidden

Everyone has a Facebook account from your kids to your 92-year old great-aunt.  Every business has a Facebook page too from the big name brands to the local crafter working out of his or her basement.  If you are the type of person to like every Facebook page, every company page, every brand, or every person who is trying to sell something, your Facebook news feed can become a virtual jumble of posts.  That also means you may feel the need to clean house and hide the culprits: the ones who post too much and the ones who post nothing of value or interest.

As a business owner, that is your worst nightmare because now your followers are  no longer getting your brand’s message and may even feel negatively about your business as a whole.

How do you stop your posts from being relegated to the Facebook post graveyard?  It’s a relatively simple combination of factors.

1) Create relevant content.  Find out what your followers are looking for when they follow your page through a simple email survey.

2) Plan your posts.  Posting five times in half an hour is a surefire way to get your posts hidden from many of your followers feeds.  Try for 1 post a day to start.  If you find that you have more than one post’s worth of relevant information for that day, post twice a day.  Don’t feel the need to share every bit of info from the company.

3) Create engaging posts.  People like to comment on photos, enter contests, get deals, find out about new products, and feel like they are the first to know about something.  By using Facebook as your forum for this, you can spread your brand’s message throughout the Facebook world.

Here’s a great article that reiterates these ideas and presents many more interesting facts about trends in Facebook users hiding posts.

If you would like a free consultation on how to improve your social media marketing, please contact me and I’d be happy to help you form a successful social media marketing plan for your company.


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