Posted by: ClewisWrites | January 16, 2012

To Tweet or Not to Tweet? Helpful Tips on Twitter

Twitter gets a lot of coverage in the news yet a lot of people either don’t really understand it or are not quite sure how to use it.  To truly understand it, you need to understand the concept of blogging.  People like to put their information out there, whether it be personal, professional, or anything that falls between those two ends of the spectrum.  Blogs allow you to write just that in a form that can be as long as you want.

Twitter takes that concept and condenses it to 140 characters.  Technically called a micro-blog, users Tweet (v. – The act of using Twitter) their thoughts and lives in short bursts.  Companies really can see some great success on this platform if used correctly.

Twitter tips for companies:

1) Once you’ve determined that this is the platform that matches with your company marketing plan, you need to determine the tone of your tweets.  Do you want to post company news?  Coupons and discounts?  Or just keep people talking about your services?  Whatever you decide, try to keep that tone throughout the tweets on your account.

2) Make a plan on who will tweet.  Get more than one person on board at your company to contribute to the Twitter account.  Have your salesman tweet the daily special.  Have your customer service rep tweet the question of the day.  Get creative with it!

3) Follow people in your industry.  One of the best things about following fellow industry professionals is that you can join in the discussion that they are having simply by re-tweeting and passing the message along.

4) Don’t be afraid to tweet back to your followers.  Mention them in tweets if appropriate and they will then re-tweet your messages.

5) Keep your tweets short and sweet.  Include a link if you have more to say but try to lead into it with something that will really catch your follower.  Remember, you only have 140 characters.

For more helpful tips on how to use Twitter to increase the buzz for your business, contact Clew’d In Media at


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