Posted by: ClewisWrites | January 12, 2012

Snapzing Makes Photo Contests a Snap!

Engaging people is the key to social media.  Comments and discussions are usually the main goal but every now and then, companies want to give their customers a chance to show off their creative side.  Photo contests are one of the more popular ways of engaging consumers in promoting brands.  Whether it be taking a picture with your favorite cup of iced coffee or a snapshot of your new car, companies love to see your photo posted on your wall or tweeted to all your followers.  Nothing is better than word of mouth advertising, especially when it’s fun.

Snapzing, a great new mobile app for iPhone is a wonderful new tool that companies might want to consider using.  Simply explained, Snapzing is a social photo contest where people judge the winners and the winner is given “a major award” (A box with the word fra-gi-le is not included).  Users can make friends and comments are allowed on the photos, thereby allowing word-of-mouth marketing to happen organically with the aid of a simple photo.


The creators of the app want it to be simple and very user-friendly.  They have definitely achieved that.  Once you download the app, simply create your user name and begin.  The challenges are posted and left open for a few days.  During that time period, you have the option to post four photos per contest.  Those photos can either be photos you take specifically for the contest or photos you may have taken in the past and have stored on your phone.  For example, a current contest that is open until January 17, 2012 is entitled “Friends.”  Snapzing users have the opportunity to either take a new picture with their friends and upload it or they can use a picture on their phone that they took together on New Year’s Eve in order to win the giant gummy heart.

Actual entries in Snapzing's Finger Squish contest

Once the uploading period has ended, Snapzing users then have a limited amount of time to vote.  Voting is simple.  Users are shown two different photos and then are asked to tap on the photo which they like better.  Nothing really to think about and nothing that takes too much time, it’s just what you like best.  Users can also use boosts, which are earned by completing judging challenges and also can be purchased.  Snaps can only be boosted once so use your boosts wisely!   Boosts are best used to help out your favorite picture (whether it be your own or someone you have never actually met) get one step closer to that giant gummy heart! Once the judging period ends, the person with the highest score wins.

Actual Giant Gummy Heart Prize for the winner of Snapzing's Friends Contest

It will not be surprising if companies start flocking to this app for a few different reasons, the main reason being that companies set the guidelines for the contests.  For example, if they want to see people take pictures of their favorite menu option at their favorite restaurant in order to win a free weekend getaway in a city of their choosing (just an example), two things then happen.  The restaurant gets more people who live in the area to be interested and the hotel chain that sponsors the contest gets someone to try out their hotel.  A third thing also occurs, the user is able to show off his or her taste for food to their fellow Snapzing friends and Facebook friends (the app is fully integrated with Facebook, no word yet if it will be integrating with the likes of Twitter and any other platforms) as well as attempt to win a pretty fantastic prize.

For more information on how your company can sponsor a Snapzing contest simply head over to their site and fill out this form or for help coordinating a Snapzing contest for your business, contact Clew’d In Media at today!


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